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OpenComet is an open-source software tool providing automated analysis of comet assay images.
OpenComet v1.3.1 is now available (12/2/2016)
This release fixes a critical issue related to comet head finding which was introduced by a change in ImageJ.
The open-access publication on OpenComet is available at
BM Gyori, G Venkatachalam, PS Thiagarajan, D Hsu and MV Clement. "OpenComet: An automated tool for comet assay image analysis",
Redox Biology, 2:457-465, 2014.
Using OpenComet

OpenComet is a plugin for the image processing program ImageJ. The latest version of OpenComet (v1.3) can be obtained from the Downloads page. Follow the instructions to install and launch OpenComet. OpenComet can analyze a batch of comet assay images, identify the comets and measure their parameters. Refer to the usage instructions and a video tutorial to learn using the tool.

Sample OpenComet analysis


Comet finding method

Part of the challenge in identifying valid comets is throwing away non-comet objects and overlapping (or clumped) comets. Our approach involves extracting shape parameters such as convexity ratio and a measure of symmetry. These shape parameters can be used to separate comets from non-comets.


Comet head finding

We have introduced a novel comet head finding method based on intensity profile analysis, which performs robustly for damaged cells.